My Space Box Directions

Project Goals: Using your wall box, (8" x 8" x 2"), design and implement a space that uses depth, color, photographs, maps and tangible objects to fully portray a Place to which you feel a strong connection.


Make your plan (see sheet below)
Gesso your box
Follow your plan below to:
paint your box with your color scheme
print your photographs
have them photocopied
hand color to match your color scheme
cut out photos and glue with YES! glue onto foam core
carefully cut with a sharp x-acto knife and cutting board
glue into box (remember fore, middle, back ground plan) with Tacky glue
glue tangible objects into your box, hang objects, etc.

Sense of Place Box Planning (cut and paste this into a word processing document or google docs and share with me)

Definite Place/Subject idea:
Desired Mood:
Color Scheme to set the mood:
Self (how is your connection to this place going to be evident?):
Map possibilities for placement and what actual map will you be using:
Tangible object(s)/ fun features:
Depth Ideas (what's going where/box layout):
Middle ground:

Anything on Outside of box?:
Anything on Edge of box?:
Next steps and idea sketches: