Looking at Composition & Islamic Art

Part One:

  1. Using the above web site, look through the different time periods of Islamic Art. Choose an artistic time period that inspires you.
  2. Read about the art history of that time period and write a paragraph describing what you learned. Your paragraph should be at least 5 well-developed, complete, and thoughtful sentences.
  3. From your time period choose a work of art that is intriguing to you.
  4. Cite this source using MLA formatting.
  5. Take a screen-shot or copy and paste it into a word processing document. Be sure to include the title, medium, and date of the art work.
  6. Print and glue into your sketchbook.

Part Two:
Look at the following slide show about the Elements and Principles of Art
  1. Using your chosen Islamic art work, find interesting shapes from which you will make a collage that CLEARLY demonstrates one of the Principles of Art in the slide show. Hint: balance, emphasis, and rhythm/movement might be most easily created.
  2. In a Pages document, using the “FREE-FORM” shape tool, use at least TWO DIFFERENT shapes borrowed from the piece of Islamic artwork to create your composition.
  3. You will need to play around with the tool; allow yourself time to experiment.
  4. Remember to think about the balance between positive and negative space (Notan Concept).
  5. The composition should be a great example and be very obvious which Principle you chose to communicate.
  6. You must use at least 25 shapes and no more than 2 colors.
  7. Print and paste into your sketchbook.
  8. Using pencil, write the principle of art that you chose to demonstrate.
Brittany's Design

Directions for working with Shapes in Pages:
1. Open a new document in Pages.
2. Click on the shapes button at the top and scroll to the bottom--this is the free-form tool.
3. Click on the screen.
4. Click another point (a line will form)
5. If you hold and move the second or first point, you can create an arc. Move it around to play.
6. Click around to form your desired shape.
7. You can stretch a shape by clicking on it and pulling one of the squares.
8. Go to Fill at the top of the page (a rectangle with a diagonal line through it). Many color options will appear. Click on one for your chosen color.
9. Cut and paste shapes where you want!
10. Shapes can be flipped by clicking on the shape, clicking on Arrange (one of the pull down buttons) and flipping.
11. To ROTATE a shape, click on that shape, click on floating (top bar button), click on the round inspector button (which opens a window), click on the ruler icon, then rotate on the wheel.
12. For each object, you may need to select the button next to the floating button and select "none." This will make it so your objects won't try to wrap around each other.