Final iweb Portfolio

In addition to the great work you have already done on your iweb, please include the following on your portfolio.

Remember, to publish your changes, you must first log onto the webapps server, open the Sites folder, go to File>New finder window>Sites, and drag your AF portfolio from your hard drive Sites folder to the webapps Sites folder....

A paragraph consists of 4 or more sentences

Add the following to your iweb portfolio:

Final Reflection – This should go its own page. The photograph of the work that you are the most proud of should go at the top of the page and responses to the the following questions should go below. Please respond using at least 4 complete and thoughtful sentences for each prompt.

  1. Of which in-class project are you the most proud? Why? Please explain and be specific. What impact did this work have on your learning?

  2. Revisit and read your Artist Statement. How well did you meet your hopes/goals for the semester? Please explain and be specific.

My Space Box (please include a photo of your tunnel book, too.) Write a paragraph that clearly describes:

  • your place and why you chose it,

  • your color scheme and how it affects the mood of your box,

  • how you showed depth with your layers. (You might be able to pull some of this from your assessment.)

Winslow Homer Page:

Out of all the artists we studied, we spent the most time on Winslow Homer. While his work is clearly different from the content at the 2011 Biennial, it clearly demonstrates commitment to painting and living life as an artist. Choose one of Homer's paintings to put on this Artist Page (of course you need to list the title, date, and Winslow Homer's name AND give MLA credit). Put the image of your Box next to the painting.

1. What has Homer done to give you a clear sense of the place he is painting?

2. What have you done to give the viewer a clear sense of your place?

3. What do you think you could have done to give an even better sense of place?

4. In one thoughtful sentence tell me which of the following activities helped you feel the most connected to Winslow Homer and why:

  • researching the phases of Homer's life and work,

  • analyzing an individual work (both of these were done with a partner),

  • visiting Homer's space in Prouts Neck and drawing on the rocks,

  • visiting the Homer Gallery at the Portland Museum of Art,

  • making your Place box