Photographs, Value, & Pos/Neg Space

To practice using different kinds of marks to add value;
To continue to find and use interesting compositions, ones that have a good balance between positive and negative space.

Step 1

  • Complete the two value studies worksheet. Remember that craftsmanship Counts!

Step 2
Have a group look at your contact sheet. Be sure your entire contact sheet is in black and white.

Step 3
  • Choose a strong composition from the photographing assignment.
  • In iphoto, change the image to black and white.
  • Increase the contrast if necessary.
  • File, Print, Simple Border.
  • Paste into your sketchbook on one page.
  • One the page facing your photograph, do a copy drawing, copying the composition as closely as possible.
  • Using some similar marks as the worksheet, add value. Squint to help see the value.
  • Upon completion, you should have a composition that is very similar to that of your photograph, using a variety of different marks to add value.