Clay II Spring 2011

Student Gallery

Clay II Student Web Portfolios

Class Calendar

Abby's Old New Pot

majolica in the kiln

Maddie's Old/New Bowl

In Class Assignments

Final iweb Portfolio
Teapot Assessment
Talking Teapots

iWeb Portfolio
iweb due Fri. 5/6


Majolica Assessment
Majolica due Tuesday, 5/10
Majolica Glazing

Old/New Assessment
due Monday, 5/2
Old/New Project

Abby's cylinder

Two Cylinders, Two Surfaces
Adams/Morris Comparisons
Cylinder Assessment due Wed. 3/23
Aesthetic Emphasis Assessment

Aesthetic Work Project
Aesthetics Assessment due Wed. 3/23
clay II syllabus

Student Gallery Spring 2010
Clay II Student Web Pages Spr. 2010

Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts
Clay Resource Sites
Wheel Help
Firing Techniques
Wheel Tools

Other Designers:
PataPri Designs
Julia Rothman: Book by its Cover

Homework Assignments

5 Amazing Teapots
due Friday, 5/20

Majolica due Tuesday, 5/10

iweb due Fri. 5/6

Old/New Assessment due Monday, 5/2

Clay of the Week #4
Due Thursday, 4/28

Majolica Research
Due Friday, 4/8

Personal Artist Statement
Due Monday 4/4

Aesthetics AND Cylinder Assessments due Wed. 3/23

Old/New Homework
Due Friday, 3/25

5 Amazingly Thrown Bowls
Due Wed. 3/16

Clay of the Week #3
Due Thursday, 3/10

Clay of the Week #2
Due Thursday, 3/3

Throwing Reading
Due Tues. 2/15

Clay of the Week #1
Due Tues. 2/8

Aesthetic Reading (hand-out in class)
Due Friday, Jan. 28

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