Positive/Negative Space and Contrast: Artist Exploration

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Purpose: To learn how to work cooperatively; to learn about an artist and his work

You will work in groups of four. The following describes how each group member will contribute to the poster:

  • Two researchers,
  • One Layout designer,
  • One copy artist

Your poster should be a balance of images and text.

The poster's writing may be done by hand, but only if your handwriting is beautiful.

The Artist’s name should stand out from the background

You must include a bibliography in MLA format. This should be a minor detail on the poster.

Include the Following:
  • The name of your artist, handwritten in a style that reflects the work of your artist and stands out on your poster.

  • Basic Information about the artist: Who is the Artist, What kind of work did this artist do, Where did this artist work (place), When did this artist live?

  • Include an image of the artist

  • Include at least 2 interesting facts about the artist

  • Include one inspiring quote

  • Include two other (besides the copy drawing) works of art, with the title, date, and medium

  • Copy Drawing - to see how that artist responds visually. Choose a work that your artist is especially famous for, print it, and do a copy drawing.

  • A Group Reflection - Each group member must contribute by including what he/she likes or dislikes about the artist’s work

Your information and presentation should be clear, creative, and dynamic! Each of your group members is responsible for presenting some information.

Your large visual will be hung in the classroom.

Robert Indiana
Gallery site (scroll to bottom to find image link)

Henri Matisse

Joan Miro

Stuart Davis

Piet Mondrian**
Mondrian timeline
Mondrian in London--cool site of remarks on Mondrian by other artists

M.C. Escher

Wassily Kandinsky