Art Fundamentals Spring 2011

Individual Student Web Portfolios

Gemma's Portrait

Group Drawing Exercise

Sam's Still Life Drawing

In Class Assignments

Final iweb

Drawing Unit Spring 11

Color Exercises

My Space/Box Assessment
Due Tuesday, 6/7 (2W); Wed., 6/8(5B)
My Space Box Directions

Homer's Place, My Space

Value Portrait Assessment
Value Portrait Paintings

Photo Assignment

iWeb Portfolio
Abby's form

Space on Clay Assessment
Space on Clay Forms
Jack's Space

Stamping Space

Artist Exploration Assessment
Artist Exploration

Class Calendar

Class Syllabus



Museum of On-Line Museums

Rules of Composition

Homework Assignments

My Space/Box Assessment
Due Tuesday, 6/7 (2W); Wed., 6/8(5B)

Due Tuesday, 6/7 (2W); Wed., 6/8(5B)
Measuring/Proportion Drawing
Due Tuesday, 6/7 (2W); Wed., 6/8(5B)

Upside Down Drawing
Due Friday, 6/3 (2W); Monday, 6/6(5B)

iweb revisions due
Monday, 5/23 (2W); Tuesday, 5/24 (5B)
Focus on Joseph Cornell
Due Monday, 5/23 (2W); Tuesday, 5/24 (5B)

Color Schemes and Comic Life
Due Monday, 5/16

Value Portrait Assessment
Due: Wed. 4/27 (2W); Thurs. 4/28 (5B)

iWeb Portfolio
Due Mon. 5/2 (5B); Tues. 5/3 (2W)

Hand Drawing
Due Tues. 4/12 (5B); Wed. 4/13 (2W)

Portrait Artist Comparison
Due Mon. 4/4 (5B); Tues. 4/3 (2W)

Prepping Your Place
Due Mon. 3/28 (2W); Tues. 3/29 (5B)

Artist Statement
Due Tues. 3/22 (2W); Wed. 3/23 (5B)

Bring Cameras Monday! 3/14

Drawing Values
Due Thurs. 3/17 (2W); Mon. 3/21 (5B)

Artist Focus: Imogen Cunningham
Due Fri. 3/11 (2W), Mon. 3/14 (5B)

John Gibson Research
Due Wed. 3/9 (2W); Thurs. 3/10 (5B)

Looking at Composition in Islamic Art
Due Fri. 2/18 (2W)

The Expressive Power of Shapes

Finding Compositions
Due Tues. 2/15 (5B); Mon. 2/14 (2W)

Notan Designs
Due Thurs. 2/3 (5B); Fri. 2/4 (2W)

Beautiful Art
Due Fri. 1/28 (5B); Mon. 1/31 (2W)
wiki cut & paste page
Famous Artist Analysis