Steps in Aesthetic Scanning

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You are going to be creating a coil, pinch or slab vessel that clearly combines one element from each of the four categories of Aesthetic Scanning. For example, your piece might use line (from Sensory) to show movement (from Formal) and express "peaceful" (from Expressive); obviously it includes Technical elements. You will have approximately four (4) class days to build this project; please plan accordingly. You must put some thought into the form of your piece and brainstorm ideas in your sketchbook. You should know approximate size and shape. (Above are five solutions from former Clay II students)

Aesthetic Scanning is broken down into the following categories:

1. Sensory (otherwise known as the Elements of Art)

• Shape & Form
• Line
• Color
• Space
• Texture

2. Formal (otherwise known as the Principles of Art)

• Balance
• Unity
• Proportion & Size
• Movement
• Emphasis
• Pattern

3. Expressive

• Mood
• Tension
• Ideals

4. Technical

• Clay
• Process
• Decoration
• Firing

Before creating your work, please read the selection on Aesthetic Scanning and complete the following.

Please create one visual that will illustrate your chosen characteristic and demonstrate your particular scanning step with words and clay images. Your visual needs to be in the following form: a 12 x 18 "poster" of your scanning step.

Required Elements in your visuals:

o The name of your quality/characteristic, typed or written clearly.
o One large example (printed in color at high quality resolution, at least 6” tall).
o At least three (3) smaller visuals (you will have 4 or more visuals total)
Credit needs to be given to the artists!!!
o A written description of your quality and a clear connection to your visuals
o Your name, neatly written or typed.