ADP iWeb Portfolio Purpose:

  • To reflect on your progress and learning since the beginning of the semester;

  • To showcase and share your work

Student examples:

  • Your start page should include your first name and art portfolio (i.e., "Holly's Advanced Drawing & Painting Portfolio Fall 2010"), as well as an image of the work which you are most proud of; write an artist statement that addresses at least the following:

  1. What were your experiences with 2-D art forms before this class?

  2. Why did you take this class?

  3. What new knowledge about 2-D art have you gained since the beginning of the semester?

  4. What work do you feel most proud of and why?

In Class Assignments:

  • Using a separate page for each project, include all in-class projects:

  1. Pastel Abstraction

  2. Drawing Unit Drawings

  3. Charcoal Self-Portrait

  4. Magic Squares Painting

  • Label each project, including the general purpose of the assignment, the medium used and what you learned from the assignment.

Optional: Include a page for Sketchbook Assignments. If you choose to include these, please title and give a brief description of intent of assignment and your learning.